Commercial Drainage

Comag has a dedicated team of 5 Certifying Drainlayers and 2 Apprentice Drainlayers with over 140 years’ experience between them & state of the art equipment. This gives us the leading edge to take on the more difficult jobs with ease.

CCTV Inspections

Our state of the art CCTV Drain Camera uses sonic detection to plot the location and depth of drains at the design stage of new projects.

Wastewater Treatment

Installation of various types of treatment systems for various types of land is an easy operation for our qualified team, some of the Commercial Wastewater installations have been Schools & Marae’s.

Commercial Effluent Fields & Dripper Lines

With the correct machinery and skill set we install new commercial effluent fields & Dripper lines in a clean and easy fashion, for the likes of Schools & Marae’s 

Septic, Grease & Interceptor Traps

Different usage of different commercial buildings can require all sorts of separating systems, Comag have vast experience in installing these systems to meet regulations and the client’s needs on time and budget.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Design & installation of Rainwater harvesting systems is becoming more and more popular as council start charging for usage of water.

Comag can design a system that allows your rainwater to be captured and re used as a Non-Potable water supply to your building for Wash Down Pads, Flushing Toilets and anything else you do not require treated water for.