The Avantidrome in Cambridge is a fully enclosed indoor Velodrome with a world class 250m cycle track. The arena spans a massive 77m across, 120m long and stands the equivalent of a 6 storey building at its highest point. Excluding the administration building. It is the national hub for Home of Cycling New Zealand with High Performance New Zealand offices located in the administration building as well. This world class facility has enough seating to cater for 1500 people and up to 4000 for major events. With one 500L , two 300L and 0ne 180L electric hot water cylinders supplying feeds to a commercial kitchen, 8 kitchenettes, five toilet blocks with 37 toilets, 32 wash hand basinsand 14 showers. 

This was a great project for Comag to complete with Livingstone Builders. We started with laying our first pipes in the ground in December of 2012 and were there until completion in February of 2014. 

The Avantidrome was officially opened on the 12th of April 2014 by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.